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toto parts sales co., ltd
Japanese manufacturer of pistons. The company was founded in 1945 in Tamagawa-cho, Fukushima-ku, Osaka. Our main products are general-purpose engine parts, such as pistons and piston rings.

The low cost per mile makes Toto Pistons the most economical pistons on the market. They are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide satisfactory performance over hundreds of thousands of miles. They are made from the best available aluminum alloy.
This alloy has a silicon base, which gives a lower coefficient of expansion than other alloys used in pistons.

Toto pistons also have a surface treatment that ensures smoother engine operation, better lubrication of the cylinder walls and no scuffing during cold start. Toto pistons have a solid internal construction - a robust piston that provides exceptional performance.
The consumer brand of Sekang, a leading Korean manufacturer of auto parts for steering and suspension parts. Sekang has been manufacturing automotive parts since 1998 and specializes in producing the highest quality OEM tie rod ends, lugs, ball joints and stabilizer bars that compete in quality with any manufacturer from Korea.
NPR products are authorized as original spare parts, which meets the strict quality standards of domestic and foreign car manufacturers.

Superior quality gains high reliability as an NPR brand worldwide. The piston ring must have both spring tension and properties to become a true circle when closed.
In the engine's combustion chamber, NPR piston rings are used to seal combustion products, control lubricating oil, dissipate heat, and prevent wear and jamming under severe operating conditions.

Now that engines need to be more compact, lighter, and more complex in performance, the choice of materials for piston rings has been expanded to include steel in addition to traditional cast iron. Moreover, to increase their wear resistance and durability, they also undergo various surface treatments, including nitriding and PVD treatment.
TPR (Teikoku Piston Ring) is a Japanese manufacturer of piston rings, which previously was practically not represented on the secondary market. TPR is one of the oldest OEM suppliers for Honda, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, Subaru, Daihatsu and Toyota.

The products of this manufacturer are sold under the brand name TR. In the TPR catalogues, car enthusiasts will find a wide range of piston rings for Japanese car engines.
As noted by ordinary motorists and experts, these rings are in no way inferior to the originals (in fact, they are) and can be recommended for installation on both new car engines and supported units.

However, it is worth noting that the original TPR and its secondary market counterpart may differ slightly in shape and materials. In any case, this is a decent solution for engine repair.
RIK is a leading Japanese brand manufacturer of piston rings of the Riken Corporation Company, founded in 1927 and supplying at least 50% of sales of all piston rings to the Japanese domestic market, as well as actively sold worldwide with delivery to the conveyors of the world's leading brands-Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Isusu, BMW, Renault and others.
Reviews of RIK rings (Riken) are, in fact, reviews of original spare parts. Many motorists who have a Japanese car, and especially motorists, doing an engine overhaul or just throwing up standard rings instead of coked ones, prefer RIK rings or rings of the Japanese oldest manufacturers of piston rings-TPR or NPR, which together share the domestic market in their industry. By the way, there is no difference between RIK and Riken rings - they are synonyms of the same brand, the name of the ring brand and the company that produces them.
NDC is an ICE liner manufacturing company. NDC mainly produced connecting rod and root liners for Japanese-made engines. The NDC brand is widely represented in many countries.
Using the result of many years of development in the field of improving the production technology and fine processing of metal, NDC has made great progress. It is also worth noting that NDC has developed a sound-absorbing material that is highly appreciated by carmakers around the world. NDC has long been a supplier to the assembly line of many Japanese auto giants.
SUN offers the best timing belts. The name SUN has long received many recognitions, it is a popular brand owned by USHIO INDUSTRIES, which became part of the well-known UNITTACO. LTD.

UNITTA supplies high-quality belts designed for all major Japanese car manufacturers (including MAZDA, NISSAN, HONDA, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and many others). The company makes about seventy percent of all manufactured belts that are sold on the Japanese aftermarket market.
Oil-resistant belts of the gas distribution mechanism from the SUN brand have a very strong cord made of special fiberglass, which has a strong resistance to stretching, which as a result suspends belt stretching and best creates the desired flexibility.

In addition, the most precise shaping of the teeth makes it possible to create an accurate fit of the product on the sprockets, as well as eliminate noise and vibration shocks during operation.
Takoma - a successful Thai brand, This manufacturer was noted in the world market due to its high-quality products, which covered almost all models of Subaru, Chrysler, Volvo, Daewoo, Toyota and Suzuki cars.

Spare parts that meet environmental standards are fully compliant with ISO 9001: 2000, the international quality standard.
The main feature of the Thai manufacturer is its wide specialty. First, the catalog contains many different auto parts, which in total cover a significant share of the Asian automotive industry.

Secondly, the buyer can find in the catalog almost everything that can be useful for sealing engine elements-oil seals , gaskets, gaskets.
Tenacity Auto Parts Co., Ltd
Established in 1973, Tenacity Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is not only a professional manufacturer of rubber metal parts, but also a premium aftermarket supplier internationally. Not only do we design and manufacture high-quality parts, but we are also a team that strives to meet the needs of customers through effort and innovation and considers their requirements as our task.
In order to provide our customers with the best service, each sector works closely with each other to improve production and shipment procedures. Thanks to our core value of shared responsibility, employees perform well in their position and do their best to complete every process to create maximum value for the Tenacity brand and its image.
The Taiwanese company Aspart produces automobile spare parts for cars of Japanese, Korean, European and American manufacturers.

The company produces organic brake pads using technologies developed by leading experts in the automotive industry and taking into account the requirements of car manufacturers. Brake pads are supplied under the Aspart brand.
Organic friction material is an advanced friction compound based on asbestos-free organic materials that meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

The professional experience of the manufacturer makes the products safe, high-quality and durable. The company's goal is to provide customers around the world with an extensive range of high-quality products at the most affordable price.
Goetze (this brand is the "elder" in the family of automotive components, its pedigree goes back to 1887, and the first chrome-plated piston ring in Europe was exactly the GOETZE brand). In 1982, the Sapanka plant launched the production of piston rings and sleeves, and since 1987, a series of acquisitions and investments have begun.
First, the plant was acquired by Goetze, later there were domestic Turkish investments, and in 1998 the company was bought by the transcontinental corporation Federal-Mogul, retaining the Goetze brand. In 2008, the plant underwent a thorough reorganization and modernization, which helped the company meet the requirements set by leading car manufacturers.
The largest manufacturer of plain bearings in Germany. The brand was founded by Max Wagner in 1897 in the city of Wiesbaden and was initially
represented by the production of industrial non-ferrous metals and various coatings.

When the company was little known, rolling shop engineer John Edward Steed applied the GLYCO brand to the lead-containing metal produced by the brand.
GLYCO quickly took the first place among industrial companies in Germany and later directed its activities to the development of the production of plain bearings for internal combustion engines. And in 1901, the company received its first patent for bimetallic plain bearings.

In our catalog you can buy wholesale or retail GLYCO spare parts for European trucks: liners (plain bearings) main and connecting rods; guide bushings and valves; compressor repair kits; washers and other engine parts.
KAIFA Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 and specializes in the production and design of shock absorbers for automobiles and motorcycles. Over the past 52 years, many efforts have been made to improve production technology, where the production cycle has been improved and simplified; Moreover, gradually over the years, KAIFA has created a distinctive corporate identity.
KAIFA is a reliable supplier of shock absorbers for many automobile manufacturers, including many major brands. Their products are often used on car assembly lines, which underscores the confidence of automakers in the quality and reliability of KAIFA shock absorbers.
The German company Kolbenschmidt was founded in 1909 as a metallurgical company. Already by the end of the 20s of the last century, it was the main supplier for German and international automobile engine manufacturers. In 1998, it merged with the Rheinmetall Group to become the leading European manufacturer of engine parts.
The Group owns 8 companies in Germany and 26 plants located in Europe, South and North America. The company has more than 11,000 employees. Manufactured products: pistons for internal combustion engines of all types, cylinder liners, piston rings, water pumps, connecting rod and crankshaft plain bearings, valves, valve guides, air, oil, fuel filters.
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